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About Us

We strive to take the digital revolution and make it nice, easy and very agile. With humbleness and efficiency we create anything that can become digital, whether it is a mobile application, a website or something that involves digital magic we can have a solution.

This is Kicksort, the Kickass agency based in Gothenburg that has a single goal, to build the worlds greatest apps.



Parking made easy!

Have you ever found yourself standing infront of a parking meter with the rain pouring down and no cash? The founders of Inteleon sure have, but unlike the most of us they decided to do something about it.

During 2015 the app SMS Park was completely re-written and given a fresh new interface. The addition of a map and location based services means that the users can easily find a parking lot and start a new parking right in the app. The users can also stop the parking at any time to avoid putting in an extra 10 sek "just to be safe". No more standing in line in the rain waiting to get access to the parking meter!


A new kind of service for healthcare.

Vårdsmart gives you all the information you need for your impending procedure at the doctors office. You can keep track of all the activities you need to do and get friendly reminders when it's time to do them. Vårdsmart also helps you with monitoring your recovery and by answering a few simple questions you get an overview of your current healthstatus.

Vårdsmart is a startup based in Gothenburg under the caring wings of Chalmers Ventures. Vårdsmart is available on Android, iOS and the web.


A social network for chinese fashionistas

P1 is where you can browse and get inspired by amazing pictures and people. With the all new P1 app, browsing through streams of beautiful imagery has never been more convenient. Follow friends and topics that you are interested in and find people that share your interests.

Based in Beijing, China, this social network has an impressive 2 million users.

P1 is available for both iOS and Android

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Our Philosophy

Creating products and services making our lifes a little better is among the best we know. This may involve simplifying the little things of everyday life, or improve climat friendly purchaes. No matter what we do, we focus extra on three things:

The best solutions are crafted with mere humans in center. They are adjusted after you and not some technicality.

Our lives are filled with meaningless content and unnecessary complexity. We do not like it! All without purpose should be removed.

Design is more then just fancy looks. The best products have personality and thereby becomes a pleasure to use.