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Founded in 2014, joined forces in 2015, employed five more in 2016, and currently we are over 20 Kicksorters. We create beautiful apps for all sorts of companies all over the world.

What we do best is building according to expectations. This we can do based on a simple equation that matches our philosophy. Scroll down to see how.



"Great parking app" five stars by Serial Parker 66.

Thanks Serialparker66! But you know what? The reviews weren't always this positive. Inteleon approached us with an app already released. Reviews were unfavorable and user numbers were falling - Kicksort to the rescue. The addition of maps and location based services made for a smoother user experience, and a fresh new interface was the icing on the cake. Together with Inteleon the new and improved SMS-Park was re-released to the world. Users doubled, parking tripled and ratings soared. Kickass!


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Vårdsmart strive to ensure that patients feel safe, healthy and happy through the care process. Tracking and monitoring critical health indicators digitally makes this possible. How do you make the digital process painless? You speak to Kicksort. We made the app smoother and quicker for patients to log data, allowing them to focus on rehabilitation. Medical professionals got access to the data they needed and we delighted them by adding visualizations – something we were told couldn't be done (so we did it!). Founded by Chalmers University of Technology, in collaboration with Sahlgrenska Academy, Vårdsmart continues to help innovate new smarter ways to deliver patient-centered care.


A social network for chinese fashionistas

P1 is a social network for fashion conscious Chinese. Through this app our sassy users can photograph, upload, edit, share and like all their fashion desires, and with a growing three million users the selfies are rolling in. It’s not the biggest social media in the world but it runs flawlessly and was unique when introduced to the Chinese market. Kicksort managed production for the Android version including design, testing and implementation. The result was bold, colorful and well manicured, just like our users. #nofilter

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This is how we do it

We believe in three things so we developed this equation. Add no. 1 and 2 and subtract no. 3 and you got yourself a Kickass app.

Made for Humans.
People come in all shapes and sizes, so do our apps. We develop tailor made solutions with humans in mind.

Designed to delight.
Touchable, loveable and enjoyable. Your app will look just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. A punch in the feels, xoxo.

No Bullsh!t.
The digital world can be overly complex - not on our watch. We strip away all the unnecessaries, delivering content without the bovine excrement.

This is who does it

Meet our kickass co-workers!
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